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Gutter Clearance

Gutter & Downpipe Clearance

The Gutter Cleaning People provide a professional gutter clearance service for both residential and commercial properties throughout Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. We provide a professional and cost-effective service that keeps your guttering functioning properly by removing debris and blockages. We use both a ladder-based system for accessing gutters whereby we can remove the debris by hand, and also a gutter vacuum system whereby we can raise a long vacuum pole up to the guttering level and vacuum the debris down to the ground. In the areas that we can access using ladders we will take a picture of the cleared gutters for you so you can see the work is being carried out correctly, and furthermore all our work is covered by a three month guarantee. If any areas of guttering get blocked up again within three months we will come back and re-clear it for you free of charge.

Our gutter clearance service includes the following:
1) A full visual assessment of the guttering to clarify the extent of debris in the guttering.
2) A flow test assessment, where required, to check for blockages in downpipes.
3) Removal of any debris that is present from both the guttering and the top of the downpipes.
4) Three Month Guarantee: if your guttering becomes blocked within three months of a clean we will return and unblock your gutter for FREE! This is our iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Please Note: Our clearance service does not include external cleaning of the guttering and fascia (i.e for cosmetic reasons), or any gutter or downpipe repair work. If a downpipe needs to be removed from the wall and rodded through to clear a blockage further down from the top there will be an additional charge for this. It should be noted however that this is generally quite rare as most blockages occur at the top of the downpipe. Please give us 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise a £75 charge will be made.

Why Get Your Gutters Professionally Cleared?

Gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining the good condition of your property both externally and internally. A blocked or leaking gutter will potentially allow rainwater to penetrate into the external brickwork. If this is allowed to occur over an extended period of time the build-up of moisture in the walls could cause serious damp issues which could be very costly to rectify. If gutters are checked and cleaned regularly however, so that the rainwater is diverted correctly, this preventative action may save you the cost of expensive remedial work.

The build-up of leaves, moss and debris left from birds nests etc can often be hidden from view. A blocked guttering system is sometimes only noticed in very heavy rain when it leaks profusely. Many homeowners are quite rightly cautious about cleaning their own gutters using ladders due to the considerable health and safety risk. Furthermore, many homeowners do not have the equipment required to unblock downpipes (which are often the cause of faulty drainage). The Gutter Cleaning People therefore solve this problem for you by undertaking a complete gutter check and cleaning service on your behalf. This gives you peace of mind that your guttering system is functioning properly and protecting your home from damage.